Getting Fit

Getting off the couch, pushing oneself to rise above and go beyond one's comfort zone, slipping on the first shoe and the next. Choosing... [Read More]

My heartbeat

I've been distancing myself away from everything. And in distancing myself from my Creator, therein I feel such a sense of loss.  ... [Read More]

Baited breath

I might not look it in this photo but I am super excited! Can't wait to go on the long awaited visit to meet my sister :) On a sid... [Read More]

A humble offering to an Almighty King.

Imagine you're outside a magnificent hall, waiting to make an offering to a great King. Imagine you're surrounded by other courtier... [Read More]

Addicted to Adrenaline

Clocked in 15 minutes of NTC: Sculpted arms (the 8lbs weight are working wonders, I kid you not). And 10 minutes of jump rope. Afterwards, ... [Read More]

Severed Attachments

I feel like I just got run over by a bus. Remember that song from the 90s? It's got the lyrics that's similar to the above. haha ... [Read More]