Getting Fit

Getting off the couch, pushing oneself to rise above and go beyond one's comfort zone, slipping on the first shoe and the next. Choosing the next workout that would fill in a minuscule 15-30 minute of our day. It reads as if its easy. Saying it and reading it aloud, I mean.
But doing it? Actually setting yourself into motion? Defying your inner nay-sayer that constantly needs to be in a placid state? Telling it, NO! This time, I'm gonna work up some sweat and beat you to it! I am going to thin! I am going to fit and healthy! Now, that's the challenge.

On a more laid-back note, nah... Let's do this! It's only a 15 minute -scratch that - 10 minute sweat fest with jumping rope. Onwards my love! To victory!

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